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40 Days to a
Brand New YOU!

PSSM Global presents: The 40-Day Pyramid Meditation program, hosted by Pari Patri.

Ancient philosophy and modern science tell us it takes 40 days to change our lives. 21 days to release old habits, and 19 days to establish new ones. Recharge and reinvent yourself by registering for this program today!

  • Start a daily meditation practice by learning the basics of Anapanasati meditation.

  • Improve your daily life with the 18 Guiding Principles of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

  • Elevate your consciousness through successful lifestyle choices.

  • Connect to the PSSM community through activities and magical sharings.

  • Receive conscious homework and apply what you’ve learned in your daily life.

What Will I Learn?

Over the course of the 40-day program, you’ll learn the basics of Anapanasati meditation, how to access the spiritual power of pyramids and practical tools for conscious living based on the 18 Guiding Principles of PSSM.

About Your Instructor

Pari Patri

The 40 Day program is led by Pari Patri, Founder of PSSM Global, an award-winning Executive Spiritual Coach, and daughter of the Bramarshi Patriji. Pari is a former corporate professional who courageously quit her 9 to 5 job to achieve her dream. Her work centers on empowering women to become self-sufficient, financially independent and comfortably confident. Pari is a woman who has her heart set on enabling other women to be bold, live authentically, and change the world. In her personal life, she has left no stone unturned to achieve the same. A keen researcher on the energetic potential of pyramids, Pari has created a profound and holistic course on Pyramid Mastery. She is a Certified Energy Worker, Crystal Expert and Meditation teacher and will lead each morning’s meditations and reflections.

About Your Instructor

Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas is the chief of PSSGA (Pyramid Spiritual Societies Global Academy). He has been practicing and spreading meditation since 1995. Being a voracious reader of thousands of new age spiritual books and has got 65+ books translated from English to Telugu since 2009. He has a strong inclination toward Torkom Saraydarian's books.

What’s the 40 Day Program?

We’ll meet on Zoom to meditate and share experiences in conscious collaboration, and learn new things every day for 40 days straight. Break old habits and build new ones and emerge as a certified pyramid master.

  • Why Meditate Daily?

    Anapanasati meditation is rooted in mindfulness of breath.

    Connecting to our breath in the present moment stabilizes and clarifies the mind. We become available to experience the infinite fullness of this present moment, which frees us from attachment or aversion.

    Meditating daily, for as little as 5 minutes has the power to change our brain chemistry, for more conscious, compassionate living. We benefit physically, cognitively and emotionally.

  • Why Join a Program?

    By joining this program, you’ll receive the support you need to break free from negative habits and expand into the abundant possibilities that are available through meditation.

    ✔Connect with others while finding the connection within.

    ✔ You will be able to drastically change your reality.

    ✔ You will be attending LIVE sessions which will create a great personal experience.

    ✔ You will be with a conscious group which will make learning so much more happening!

  • How Do I Join?

    The event is held LIVE twice per year.

    There is no charge to join the program, however we appreciate your donations, and registration is required.

    To receive a Certificate of Recognition as a Pyramid Master, a minimum donation of $20 USD and INR 1800 is required.

    BONUS! 5 random winners will be selected for prizes and awards at the end of the 40-day program. You must complete all 40 days to be chosen for these exciting giveaways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Event Sponsor?

    This event is organized by PSSM Global, an international wing of the parent organization Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, along with Pyramid Valley International. PSSM was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji with the mission to spread the message of Meditation, Pyramid Power and Plant-Based Living to those seeking a more conscious, joyful and balanced way of life.

  • What Times Do We Meet?

    The 40-Day program takes place daily via Zoom. A typical schedule as follows: 9.00 - 10.00 PM EST 6.30 - 7.30 AM IST Weekly Question and Answers: Every Tuesday, 11:00 - 12: 00 PM New York time and Every Thursday 10:00 PM -11:00PM NewYork time / 7.30 AM -8.30 AM New Delhi time

  • How Do I Receive My Certificate?

    All those who successfully complete the 40-day program will receive a Certificate of Recognition as a Pyramid Master awarded by PSSM Global with a minimum suggested donation. Certificates are awarded based on participation and donation based. Daily attendance and participation is required. A minimum suggested donation of $25 is required to receive the certificate. All donations are will be used to continue the expansion of pyramid centers and spreading the message of Meditation across the world. If you are a part of this journey and feel for our cause... We would request you to donate from the following amounts of your choice (This is not mandatory, however, your generosity will make a huge difference)- - $ 44 | INR 3,222 - $ 77 | INR 5,666 - $ 222 | INR 16,222 - $ 444 | INR 32,222 - $ 777 | INR 56,666 You can send in your donations via PayPal to Namaste!

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