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Pathbreaking Master Course

Are you ready to understand the Science behind Quantum Living?

Join Shreans Daga to enable you into the depths of Quantum Science. Step-by-step training to living a miraculous life through Manifestation. Through this experiential 'Master Course' be prepared to transcend from survival-based living to truly creating a life of your dreams.

  • Life-changing course structure
  • 2 Weeks Master Course
  • Free of Cost
  • Intense Meditation
  • Q&A Session
  • 14 hours (total) of Transformation
  • Break your limited belief systems

Are you ready to take a QUANTUM leap in your life?

Are You Ready for 7 Days of Quantum Transformation?

Quantum Living: The Path to Accelerated Manifestation

  • Learn How to Break Old Patterns

  • Learn the Science Behind Conscious Thinking

  • Learn the Power of Healing Through Quantum Science

  • Learn the Art of Creative Visualization

  • Learn the Power of Living Consciously

Know Your Instructor

Shreans Daga

Shreans is a successful Business Entrepreneur, a Philanthropist, Vice-chairman of Pyramid Valley International, Executive Director of Thriive Art and Soul and Propagator of Quantum Life University Having immersed himself in the spiritual space, he has conducted more than 20 on-ground events and workshops. After the onset of the pandemic, he shifted his workshops sessions online - Empowering over 40000 participants to date. Shreans has applied the best of spiritual and scientific wellness tools to improve his experience of life which he has acquired through the best of meditation and consciousness practitioners from around the world.
Shreans Daga